Promin AS has delivered projects from Svalbard in the north to Kristiansand in the south. We deal with reports, ratings, surveys, 3D mapping using drone technology, 3D modelling, resource modeling and many other things. Below are a few selected projects that show the breadth of what we do.

HSEQ in the Mining Industry

Prof. Emer. Tom Myran (NTNU) – book project

Promin provides services in connection with the development of a book on “Safety in the mining industry” whose main author is Tom Myran.
Dr. Emeritus Tom Myran has lifelong experience of the mining industry in Norway and the goal is to collect all this knowledge between two covers of a book that can be used by industry, encyclopedias, and in teaching including NTNU.

Promin helps to update and systematize information, summarize, write and draw text, producing tables, references, illustrations and photos and more.